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    A relative of mine,Christina Hutchinson Dodds,was born in Maxton,1876.She married a William Storey in 1907,Belford,Northumberland.Just wondered if anyone else has a connection to Christina,or how I can find other sources of information in connection with the name?Thankyou.

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    Christina Hutchinson Dodds born 1874 Maxton, Roxburgh, Scotland.
    Father Walter Dodds Mother Helen Cant.

    Marriage 15/12/1871 Walter Dodds & Ellen Cant Roxburgh Scotland

    Info on findmypast which is free until Monday


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    Dodd/Dodds is fairly common in the Border area of Scotland. It sometimes appears as a nickname for men called George....

    There's a set of messages about sources, etc, at the start of the General Scottish forum HERE.

    You can get a lot from sources such as the census. For example, I see that the family were living in Yetholm in 1881. Ellen's name is spelled Hellen (a common spelling variation), her mother, Christina (70, born Kelso) is with them, as are the children Christina, Thomas (5, St Boswells) & Robert (2, Yetholm). Walter's a farm steward, born Eccles abt 1850). Ellen/Hellen/Helen's born 1852 in Kelso.
    By the 1901 they're in Northumberland with 3 extra kids, all born Scotland.

    Yes, I could give you all their census entries, but it's no fun for you and not fair to the database owners. You have the rest of today to chase them round FMP for free, or turn to Ancestry ( or Scotlands People (where you can get BMDs for a small fee), see the clump of messages behind the url I mentioned above.


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