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    Cool Ellen Power b 1818 County Clare

    Hello Annalies / Team
    Looking now for any information re Ellen Power b 1818 County Clare Ireland parents Thomas Power mother Anna [ Pepperd / Jepperd ]
    Lived maybe in Moryata / Quin area of Ireland till 1835 .
    Best Regards Brianman
    Ps Should I have put this on Irish site [ not sure how anyway ]

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    Hi Brian
    I have moved your post to the County Clare forum and given it the title Ellen Power b 1818 County Clare.
    To choose a forum to post in click on Forum second on the right of the tree stump at the top of the page. Then just scroll down the page to choose a forum to to post in and click on it. Then click on the Post New Thread at the top left of the page under the green Forces War Records banner and away you go.
    Of course you don't have to do that with this thread as I have already given it its new spot.
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