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    Just wondering if there is anyone out there related to Thomas Wilson 1784 - 1858 and his wife Ann Hamilton 1789 - 1861 both from Stonehouse in South Lanarkshire, who would be willing to share their tree with me as I want to get beyond these two further up the tree. Their grave is in St Ninians kirkyard.

    I keep thinking I've found further relatives but instead find they are people with the same name. There appears to be a heck of a lot of Wilson's and Hamilton's up there!

    Any help would be appreciated! Thanks.
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    Do you have their marriage record on ScotlandsPeople? Married 31 March 1810. It may, or may not, have more information.
    Also their death certificates. These could yield more information about their parents. A few credits will let you download the information straightaway. Instant gratification.
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    Chris is correct, you need their death certificates which, provided that whoever registered their deaths knew the answers, tell you who their parents were.

    Have a look at the messages at the top of the SCottish forum HERE for other sources.

    You're quite right, these surnames are very common locally and for that reason particularly dangerous when it comes to trusting the research of strangers. Many are very good, but some aren't - Murphy's Law of Genealogy means that the latter seem to be the right ones 9can you tell that I once lost a year's researching time because I believed someone who thought he was a second cousin?). If somone offers you their data, don't integrate it into your tree until you've checked it!

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    Default Tell me about it!

    Thank you! I can't afford the extra cash for scotlands people at the moment sadly. I did what I could until I ran out. Hence my appeal. I have a 2 year old- say no more! But I'll certainly try again once I have the funds.

    It's the people who have accepted that William Hamilton in our tree MUST be Sir William Hamilton because they want to be related to the gentry. Our one appears to be from a village outside Douglas called Scrogton! I guess that's a bit of a come-down!
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    The trouble is that because they had better storage facilities, papers relating to the rich and/or titled have survived better... Especially in the Borders where cross-Border raids and destruction were common.

    Do you have a list of their children, in birth (or baptism) order?

    Have you eliminated Thomas Wilson born 1 Nov 1782, bap in Douglas 10 Nov 1782, parents John Wilson & Cecil Flint? According to (free to use), Wilson & Flint had 6 children.

    BTW, the fact that Thomas & Ann married in Stonehouse does not mean that they were born there, just that they were living there and registered as parishioners.


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