I thought the Will on the National Archives for Nicholas was for 1739 and ordered it, but it turned out to be the 1704 one. This is fine as I am pretty sure he was the father of the later Nicholas. At this stage it has given me the names of his children and three grandchildren, and that he was a Carpenter. All very useful information.
I sent an email to Bristol Archives asking what I needed to do to order the Thomas Taylor Will of 1754 but will now also order the 1739 Nicholas Will. I received a reply from Bristol Archives that they would get back to me within two weeks! I'm not sure if there is a quicker way of ordering. I haven't ordered anything from them before. Hopefully these Wills will confirm the parents of Thomas Taylor (1713) and indeed if the 1754 Will is his.
I haven't yet got round to transcribing the Will I have received but when I do I am happy to share it with anyone who might have an interest.
Thanks for your help Janet