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    I am searching for the records of George Forman Gibb who served in the Royal Ulster riflemen regiment during ww2 he then became a "glider". I believe he served in India and then France. Its all very vague and I have no service no. or dates of when he actually served. Any help as to where I should start my search would be greatfully received

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    The first question is whether he survived the war? If not, go to the Commonwealth War Grave site HERE. You should be able to find his date of death, service number, etc.

    The MOD has not released WW2 service records for publication on the web, but relatives can buy copies. There's a 30 pounds fee. You will need a copy of his death certificate - see HERE. If, however, he is still alive, he's the only one who can order them (but he doesn't have to pay).
    I wrote a survey of possibilities HERE.
    There is a Royal Ulster Rifles Museum HERE.

    The Wikipedia entry HERE says that the 1st Battalion was in India at the outbreak of WW2 with the 31st Independent Brigade Group. The latter converted from mountain speciality to gliders when they returned to the UK, something that fits with your story and might be worth following up (always check on Wikipedia content - most of it's good but.....). If you were sure of his battalion, it would be worth looking for their War Diary.

    BTW, I see that this was your first post. Welcome to the British Genealogy Forum. If you reached us via FWR, you might find THIS post useful. FWR have some WW2 datasets.

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    Thank you for your speedy response. He did survive the war so will follow the links you sent. Will let you know how I get on.
    Many thanks .

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    will follow the links you sent
    Everything stems from the service record which you need to order as a first step.

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    Hi,you were searching for records for George foreman Gibb who served with the Royal ulster rifles. He was my father.He was born in Belfast4/5/1918.I would like to know your connection to him.Please contact me for details.


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