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    Hilary father in law Jimmy scholefield died in Durban. His wife Ethel and my gran Marion returned to England with my father in 1931. My tree is Forde on ancestry. I think I might have gone awry around the John, Mary entries!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sue1957 View Post
    I have the copies of birth certificate of my father and his parents wedding.
    Am I missing something?

    That sentence completely contradicts both the second sentence in your first post which said
    I would like to find a birth certificate for my dad who was born in Bulawayo in 1930
    and also your next sentence which implies that you're also looking for a copy of the marriage certificate
    His parents were married in 1929 also in Bulawayo, but I can't find anything on line on the numerous sites I've been on.
    However, the d grooms birth date is wrong by six years according the wedding certificate.
    People lied. Or at least told great big fibs. For reasons known possibly only to themselves.

    There is also very little information on them.
    Certificates vary a lot from from country to country. There's many a moan from people with English ancestors of 'why can't our certificates be as informative as Scottish ones'.

    I was told it was possible to "buy" certificates for weddings that may not have been legal? Don't know if there is any truth in that.
    I don't know if the Home Affairs office or Archives in Zimbabwe (contact details in various posts in this thread) would be willing to give any details regarding that.

    Josephine was divorced according her marriage certificate when she married again in 1934.
    I have done ok with Josephine's (my gran) family, but it was Paddy's that I would have liked to research. I wondered why there wasn't an official record of his birth or marriage on the internet?
    Only a very small percentage of the trillions of records that exist throughout the world are on the internet.
    And in spite of the large number of people researching their family history, of the billions of records which are online, only a very small percentage of those will ever be accessed.

    Some countries have more available online than others, who may have very few or even none.
    Many poorer countries still have very limited funds available for resources such as archives, and making those archives available to the public at large. Even by snail mail.

    What is worse is knowing that records existed but have been destroyed by fire, water or bombing, lost by theft, etc.

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