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    Thanks for all the info. If this is all correct I now need to trace Frederick George F leaving the UK for Sth Africa and being married to Martha Borgstrom 10 Nov 1851. This part I know to be correct. I have George Furlong as a Police officer in London in the 1820 to 1840's if this is the same one.
    Too much use of the Geprge and Frederick names for me. It makes tracking very hard over here as they continued the names here in Oz.
    I would love to view the marriage certificate of Frederick george and Martha to confirm Freds' father's details if any one can help.
    I need to sit down and digest this latest info with my cuz in QLD and see if this is the right track.
    Thanks again to all.

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    It is unlikely that you will find father's names in the marriage entry. The earliest digitised marriage registers for the Cathedral of St George in Cape Town start in 1902 (I saw this church mentioned somewhere in relation to the FURLONG family but can't remember where).

    You can see a sample of a register here:

    The digitised registers for Cape Town are here

    Frederick George registered the birth of his son in Victoria in 1866 as 'John Horatio', but this child used 'John Spencer' throughout his life. The son born in 1870 was then named just 'Horatio' and he continued to use the name.

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