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    Default Staffordshire Catholic Records?

    Hi all,

    Just wondered if anyone knew where I could find catholic records from Staffordshire? Any births, baptisms, deaths, burials or marriages?

    I think almost the entirety of my grandfather's paternal line is catholic, and I've exhausted all the census records!

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    Have you tried the County Record Office?

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    You might get some help from the Catholic Archdiocese of Birmingham, which covers Staffordshire: https://www.birminghamarchdiocesanarc...?collection=40

    You will see that there are a number of different county Catholic History Societies, though Staffordshire is now subsumed into the Midland Catholic History Society.

    Have also just found this Family History Directory site, which is aimed at family historians and genealogists: Have to admit that they are a new one on me, but might be helpful.

    Also try Google Books, because you might be lucky enough to find Church Register transcripts of relevance to your own researches.

    Let us know how you get on.

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    The best source I have found about what early Catholic registers exist and their whereabouts is a series of books and the one that covers Staffordshire is -

    "Catholic Missions and Registers 1700 - 1880, Volume 2,*The Midlands and East Anglia" compiled and published by M. Gandy, 1993 (ISBN 0 9520535 1 9).

    This includes registers that were still with the Parish Priest as well as those deposited in Archives. Gandy does state that for the Archdiocese of Birmingham many registers have been deposited in the Archdiocesan Archives ( )
    This compilation is now quite old and you would need to check that it is still is a very useful starting point.

    Some of the parish register from the Archdiocese are now available on one of the commercial sites.
    Hope this helps
    Jim Lancaster (Bury, Lancs.)


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