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    Default Irish Cunneen stone crackers

    I am having problems finding out what happened to John Cunneen.
    He was born in Ireland and was living in the Vale, Guernsey, working as a stone cracker (is this a stone mason??) in the 1861 census with his wife Mary and 3 children Catherine, Thomas and Michael, and again in 1871 with now 6 children. Nothing in 1881.
    The eldest daughter Catherine married John Ryan in Oct 1872 and they arrive in Wellington, New Zealand in 1873 as assisted immigrants.
    Then John disappears.
    Mary Cunneen and her 6 children (the last child William was born c1873) then arrive in NZ in Jan 1875. The shipping records for Assisted Immigration list her as a single woman aged 41 from Kent, and the names and ages of the family all fit, but I have been unable to find any record of John making the trip to New Zealand.
    He may have died on Guernsey, but with nothing to go on how do I find any records.
    Any suggestions would be very welcome.
    Thank you

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    As this is a duplicate post I am going to lock it and those wishing to help please post on this thread

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