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It depends on what company one tests with.

Originally the ethnicity was determined by the samples the various companies were presented with when they attempts to develop a database of ethnic groups.
They asked for people whose families had lived in a region for many generations to submit for a DNA test and developed the ethnicity for various regions based of the results.

Over the years these results have been refined but they are not definitive.
The samples are only a small proportion of the population of any given area so cannot be imagined to be accurate.

A few months ago Anc** updated their ethnicity estimates and my results, and my brother's are much more in line with what the paper trail supports - Mine shows 92% England, Wales, Northwestern Europe, 4% Irish and Scottish, and 4% Norwegian, which I take to be Vikings settlers in Britain. My brother's is much the same, except that he has Swedish instead of Norwegian. My daughter's is accurate as well.
I have made some progress on identifying my unknown grandfather, i have it down to 2 sets of brothers with one set having matches on the maternal side, so those 3 brothers are strong contenders. I have also made progress on an unknown great great grandfather, although the families from both of these puzzles come from the same rural parish, so it's a bit of a challenge!