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    Have you found her on census returns, if so please give the references.
    Ah, I see her on census returns now entered with the surname Chalmers.

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    Trying to make some sense of this. John Chalmers possibly died in 1895

    1891, Chichester Barracks
    John Chalmers 48, sergeant Royal Sussex reg. Ireland
    Elizabeth Chalmers 34, Cowes
    Agnes Elizabeth Chalmers 4, Cowes.

    Deaths Dec 1895 Chalmers John 50 Portsea 2b 251

    Then Elizabeth Chalmers widowed, marries John King, Dec qrt 1897.
    Chalmers Elizabeth Portsea I. 2b 985
    KING John Portsea 2b 985

    1901 census is Agnes is now entered as King her Mother's married name.
    St Stephen's Portsmouth. RG13; Piece: 983; Folio: 14; Page: 20
    John King 50
    Elizabeth King 48
    Agnes King 14

    Agnes married Dec qrt 1905.
    CHALMERS Agnes Elizabeth Portsmouth 2b 982
    THOMPSON George Frederick Portsmouth 2b 982

    1911, 91 Oriel Road, North End, Portsmouth. RG14; Piece: 5508; Schedule Number: 161
    George Frederick Thompson 30, Royal Navy Warrant Officer gunner, Walton on Thames
    Agnes Elizabeth Thompson 24, Cowes
    John Henry Thompson 2, Portsmouth
    John King 60, (her adoptive Mother's widowed husband), Essex

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    Taking a rest, I'm brain dead now, that was so confusing! And poor little Agnes wouldn't have known whether she was coming or going with all the name changes

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    1891, Elizabeth, Albert George and a dau Florence age 1yr, but no husband. RG12; Piece: 885; Folio: 90; Page: 4;
    It would seem Florence was also registered with middle name PAGE!!!

    Name: Florence Page Mew
    1889, Oct-Nov-Dec, Isle of Wight
    Volume: 2b
    Page: 585

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    Quote Originally Posted by almach View Post
    Taking a rest, I'm brain dead now, that was so confusing! And poor little Agnes wouldn't have known whether she was coming or going with all the name changes
    Omitted to say............what I've posted is circumstantial. Perhaps you can say if your Agnes did marry George Frederick Thompson.

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    Folks, as the Mews were/are an Island family, you really do need to dig around in the wonderful website run by the Isle of Wight Family History Society:

    Look at the databases, photos, members' interests, links through to IWCRO, which has some apprentice and pauper stuff online etc etc. Email questions to the Society. This FHS is a treasure trove, and always so helpful.

    Swooping out for the rest of today.

    Families don't make sense - they make history.

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    A James H Mew born 1847 died 4th qrt 1947, registered IOW
    Sorry, the year of death was 1937

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    It was a nice surprise to see your posting.

    I got some information for John Chalmers’ Army record at the National Archives, Kew on my first genealogical search many years ago. I just wrote down the information I thought I needed. In hindsight I should have take copies or photographs but it was my first time. I have subsequently visited Kew but that time his records could not be found. He married Elizabeth Page on 28th July 1877.

    Agnes Elizabeth Thompson was my grandmother and according to my mother’s diary her birthday was 24th March. Do you have any information about her adoption?

    John Henry Thompson was my Father, he married my mother Helen Louise Stone in 1935.



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