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    Paul was my wife's great grandfather and we know he served in a Trinidad regiment in WW1 and was sent to Egypt. I know that Caribbean regiments were discouraged from fighting as at that time racial discrimination was high and the "big men" running the war didn't want white soldiers to see courageous black men...they might start to think they were equal. Any information on Trinidad regiments in Egypt appreciated.
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    have you seen Paul's 'Service Record' on the Find My Past site ? which is probably the same as the 'Pension Record' on Ancestry.

    if not, I can tell you what the Service Record says.

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    His British Army Service record is on both Ancestry and FindmyPast, and shows that he was born c1888, and consists of 6 pages, including where he was based, details of his wife (where and when married) and children (where and when born) and a physical description. However, you may already have this information so won't give you any more details at this time.

    Doing a Google search on "Trinidad regiments in Egypt in WW1" brought up a lot of hits including some recommended books, so you may perhaps find something of value if you have not already pursued that avenue.

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