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    I have now found the 1851 Census entry for Margaret Rowland, which says she was aged 30 born at Whitchurch, which is a suburb of Cardiff. Do you have her in the 1841 Census, or know her age when she died?

    This is one of those Ancestry entries which does not generate any obvious pedigree - so this age of 30 could be out by a couple or more years. Also for servants, you cannot always trust the location given where they were born in the Census. In 1851 the Cardiff Registration District stretched all the way up as far as Dinas in the Rhondda Valley. The Pontypridd Registration District only came into existence in 1863. By 1851, Walter Coffin had retired from active involvement in management of his pits, and was a JP and soon an MP. But Moses Rowlands had helped him in the early days by doing a lot of the book keeping paperwork. So he may still have taken family members down to Cardiff to help him, out of loyalty. There was also a Thomas Rowlands, brother of Moses Rowlands, who was killed along with two of his sons in the 1844 coal-mining disaster at Dinas caused by a gas explosion - the first major colliery accident in the Rhondda (12 killed). Rowland Rowlands, in the 1894 newspaper article, was also working at the pit when that all happened, and they had another brother, called Rees Rowland - who had this daughter called Margaret, who age-wise looks a reasonable fit for the 1851 Census entry.

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    Morning Brian, Glad you found the 1851 census for the Coffin family and serv Margaret Rowland/s. (spelling kept as transcibed)

    1841 Census Llan ishen Class: HO107; Piece: 1418; Book: 4; Civil Parish: Llan ishen; County: Glamorgan; Enumeration District: 3; Folio: 10; Page: 14; Line: 10; GSU roll: 464328
    Rhys Rowland 70 Ag lab No
    Ann Rowland 55 yes
    Dorothy Rowland 20 yes
    Margreat Rowland 17 yes
    Daniel Rowland 15 yes
    James Hill 15 Yes

    Rhys/Rees Rowland died 1843 Llanishen
    Margaret Rowland his daughter married 1855 George Calford Ararat Baptist Church, Whitchurch

    1861 census Cardiff
    Class: RG9; Piece: 4030; Folio: 60; Page: 18; GSU roll: 543222
    George Gilford 50 head marr Ag Lab Wiltshire
    Margaret Gilford 32 wife Whitchurch
    Edwin Rowland 13 son whitchurch
    Samuel Gilford 10 son whitchurch
    William Gilford 5 son whitchurch
    Ann Gilford 3 daug whitchurch

    ( Edwin Rowland 13, unable to find his birth, checked GRO & BMD- only Edwin Rowland found 1851 (aged 1) census in Cardiff work house with father Morgan Rowland aged 28)

    Another son Rowland Rowland c 1812 married Margaret Jones 1839 Saron Ind Chapel, Tredegar, Bedwelty (this is the line I have been following)

    1841 England, Wales & Scotland Census Wentllooge (Upper Division)
    Sixth Row, Bedwellty, Abergavenny, Monmouthshire, Wales
    Class: HO107; Piece: 750; Book: 10; Civil Parish: Bedwelty; County: Monmouthshire; Enumeration District: 24; Folio: 35; Page: 24; Line: 9; GSU roll: 438846
    Rowland Rowland Male 30 1811 collier No-
    Margaret Rowland Female 24 1817 -No
    Thomas Rowland Male 2 1839 Yes Monmouthshire, Wales
    David Rowland Male 0 2 mths 1841 Yes Monmouthshire, Wales

    1851 England, Wales & Scotland Census Transcription
    Rhiw, Llantwit Vaidre, Cardiff, Glamorganshire, Wales
    Class: HO107; Piece: 2456; Folio: 469; Page: 35; GSU roll: 104198
    Rowland Rowland Head Married Male 41 1810 Coal Miner Whitchurch, Glamorgan, Wales
    Margaret Rowland Wife Married Female 35 1816 - Neath, Glamorgan, Wales
    Thomas Rowland Son - Male 12 1839 Coal Miner Bedwellty, Monmouthshire, Wales
    Dorothy Rowland Daughter - Female 8 1843 Scholar Glamorgan, Wales
    Ann Rowland Daughter - Female 5 1846 - Glamorgan, Wales
    Roger Rowland Son - Male 2 1849 - Glamorgan, Wales

    1861 Census Llantwit Fardre ( corner of census page missing giving place of birth)
    Class: RG9; Piece: 4044; Folio: 99; Page: 67; GSU roll: 543226
    Rowland Rowland 50 head marr coal miner
    Margaret Rowland 35 wife
    Dorothy Rowland 16 daug
    Ann Rowland 13 daug
    Rhoda Rowland 12 daug
    Essam Rowland 9 son
    Samuel Rowland 8 son
    Joan Rowland 5 daug (should be John son)
    Anna Rowland 2 daug

    1871 census Pontypridd
    Piece number 5382
    Folio 108
    Page 60
    Wood Road, Llantwit Vardre, Pontypridd, Glamorganshire, Wales
    Rowland Rowland Head - Male 67 1804 coalminer - Glamorgan, Wales
    Margaret Rowland Wife - Female 60 1811 - Glamorgan, Wales
    Roda Rowland Daughter - Female 21 1850 - Glamorgan, Wales
    Samuel Rowland Son - Male 18 1853 Labourer - Glamorgan, Wales
    John Rowland Son - Male 15 1856 - Glamorgan, Wales
    Hannah Rowland Daughter - Female 11 1860 - Glamorgan, Wales
    Thomas Rowland Son - Male 9 1862 - Glamorgan, Wales
    Margaret Rowland Daughter - Female 4 1867 - Glamorgan, Wales

    Best regards Jane

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