Tne National Archives (TNA) has just published a blog post entitled 'The Military Service Act 1916: appeals against conscription'. It is by David Langrish and you can find it here:

This post covers many of the things we ask/need to know about conscription in WW1, e.g. it lists the different categories under which men could apply for exemption. It also gives interesting snippets from the Middlesex Appeals Tribunals, e.g. one woman wrote in asking that her husband's appeal should not be upheld because of the way he treated her at home. (She was better off without him!)

The post is illustrated with scans of the first page of the Act and of private letters received by Tribunals.

This is all particularly topical within Brit Gen at the moment (late January 2016) because there is currently an active thread about Conscientious Objectors.

Happy reading, folks.