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    I have for a few years now been searching for my Great grandfather Death. His name was Robert Smith. He was born on 19 December 1873 in Stracathro, Angus . They moved to Edinburgh. The story my dad, his grandson was told that he left his wife nee Elizabeth Bell around 1936, as he went bankrupt (tailor), none of his kids saw him again and the only information I have is one of his daughters wrote in her diary Dad died 1940/1944. According to my aunt (his granddaughter) he drowned himself. I have checked Scotlands people and find no death record, his mothers name was Mary Smith - NO father. I hope somebody knows if there is anything I can do to further this deadlock.

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    this is a duplicate thread which I am going to lock to prevent members searching for the same info.
    If anyone can help please post the information on this thread

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