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Thread: Welcome in!

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    Quote Originally Posted by MatFow View Post
    Thanks Pam,

    Um, just wondering whereabouts I should start posting, maybe I've misread the right spot to start, still rather new to forums.

    I know that if I say 'it depends what you're asking' that it's not the most helpful of replies, but it is true in most cases.

    First of all, what information do you have, and what do you still want to know?
    I think the majority of queries end up in the 'General Family History' forum because that covers everything in a way, but (especially if you have Irish, Scottish, or Welsh ancestors) you might be better off posting in a specific forum because your post will be seen more easily by experts in those fields.
    Even if you did post in the completely wrong forum it's not the end of the world because the mods (moderators) have fairy dust they can sprinkle and move posts.

    I presume that you can see the 'extended' forum sections when viewing the home page. the Family History Threads/Posts if you scroll down you can see 'General family history queries'?
    If so, just have a scroll down all the forum titles and see if there's one that seems more appropriate than another.
    Two posts you might find useful.

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    Hi Lesley - I've really enjoyed researching my family for a number of years now and am nearing the end (can you ever say that!) I have a few 'dead ends' and so very hopeful someone can help! Today I was searching for a postcode for one of my ancestor's addresses when to my amazement discovered a link to someone on Brit-Gen who was researching the same address! Who knows - we may be related!

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    Hi Lesley,
    Thanks for the info, it makes sense when you think about it!
    I am interested in finding out about my families military history, I have tried before but have drawn a blank, most likely because I did't know much, now I think I know a little bit more, but its difficult to decipher fact from family legend. I hope this site will help me?
    Thanks again

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