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    My ancestor (great grandfather), Joseph Zamoiski, was born in London in 1858 and left in either 1863 or 1864 for the United States. His parents were Sarah Jacobs Zamoiski and John (Jacob) Zamoiski. Sarah Jacobs Zamoiski was born in London in 1835 and died in 1901. She is buried in the Baltimore Hebrew Congregation Cemetery in Baltimore, Maryland. Jacob Zamoiski was born 1828 in Poland and came to London but I do not know when. He died in Baltimore, Maryland on May 29, 1894. He is also buried in the Baltimore Hebrew Congregation Cemetery. He served in the British Army in the Crimea sometime between 1853 and 1856. He was wounded and received a commendation.

    If the other information I have is correct, he came to Baltimore Maryland in 1860 (or possibly 1861) and was followed by his wife and son (Joseph) in 1863 or 1864. He may have gone by the name John Zamoiski, Jacob Zamoiski or John Grey. For whatever reason, upon coming to America, he was known as Jacob Zamoiski from that point on. There is an article from the 1920's that states that he was treated by Florence Nightengale. This may be fact or fiction. There is no way to know. That is everything that I have.

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    I can see the various data on the lines on 1 Ancestry.Co family tree and can see the USA Census data plus other records. The Free BMD Marriage Records from 1855-1859 show various Sarah Jacobs but nothing relevant to Jacob aka John. Nb I have not looked at earlier or later marriages in London and that would be useful just to narrow down searches.

    If there is no civil marriage record then that maybe for at least three reasons- 1 They married abroad in a conversion 2 They married in the UK in a synagogue or Jewish ceremony and no civil record was recorded 3 They never married.
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