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    Hi all,

    A bit off topic I know but I thought I would spread the word.

    Some years ago I was a member of a web-based group with the above title. The leader of the group died and so did the group but it has now been revitalised (if you will excuse the pun).

    The group consists of volunteers willing to undertake research on behalf of others because they have access to particular resources. This is usually because they can get to records offices or archives or are willing to go out and take photos of churches or gravestones for instance.

    Although based in the USA the group is looking for volunteers worldwide. The website is www.
    and here you can register as a volunteer or ask existing volunteers to help you.

    I would encourage listers to become volunteers please and to spread the word that RAOGK is up and running again.


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    I have tried to reply once but post disappeared just want to say this was a fantastic thing I used this for Canada and the guy was amazing I am now the proud owner of photos of gravestones and a picture of the house they lived in what a star. I will look at joining for our local area guess it will be back around the graveyards!

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    Thanks for the tip on the RAOGK website Ivor. I've done a bit of cemetery photography around Victoria for the RAAF Casualty website and found it to be quite an interesting pass-time. I think I might just volunteer for this! And once I get my own research happening I might be putting in some requests myself.


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