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The inherent usefulness of DNA profiling to a genealogist is obvious and depending on the type of testing can determine geographical origin, maternal or paternal origin and so on.

However it should not be seen as the be all end all, DNA tests can do some things well, but there are constraints. Testing of the Y-DNA lineage from father to son may reveal complications, due to unusual mutations, secret adoptions, and false paternity (i.e., the father in one generation is not the father in birth records). According to some genomics experts, autosomal tests may have a margin of error up to 15% and blind spots.

A very good article on the truths and myths of Genealogy DNA testing and well worth a read can be found here:

DNA Fact or Science Fiction?
By Lauren Gamber
From the December 2009 Family Tree Magazine.

A list of useful websites offering a DNA Genealogy service:

Family Tree DNA
USA based, offering Father's line and Mother's line testing and any potential matches with others who have taken the test.
Prices range from $169-$199.

DNA Ancestry
UK based, one DNA kit which will give you information about your ethnicity and any potential matches with other people taking the test.
Priced at 99 less shipping and postage costs.

23andMe UK
One kit which will give you information on your ethnicity, Neanderthal DNA, maternal and paternal lineage and potential matches with others taking the test in their 1 million strong database.
Prices start at 125 with discounts offered if you buy more than one kit.

Britains DNA (Chromo 2)
Forces War Records previously offered a DNA service with Britain's DNA, we found them to be slow to respond and pricey. However it has been more than a year since we have offered their services and thus it could be much improved.
Prices currently stand at 129-250.

All the best with your research.