Londoners/people who work in the capital/people who watched Channel 4 the other weekend/BBC2 sometime last year are probably aware of the Crossrail project which will mean you can travel from Reading in the west straight through to the eastern side of London without the hassle of changing on to the underground.
Tunnelling through London has given the engineers many challenges but also revealed lots of 'stuff' about old London.

One of the finds was at Charterhouse House Square where skeletons proved to be victims of the Black Death.

A major archaelogical excavation is/was of the Bedlam Burial Ground at Liverpool Street Station. Ahead of the excavation London parish registers were searched to find who was buried there, and there is now an online register.

Before searching for names please read the notes - e.g. the list is not complete because some PRs have been lost, spelling of names can differ from current usage, etc.
There is a drop-down list of the PRs in the database and I think they are nearly all in the City of London. People from other parishes in what we now regard as 'London' may also be buried there, but only the parishes in the drop-down list have been searched and recorded.
The register covers burials from 1550 -1900.