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    Question Shafner

    I am trying to find the graves of members of the Shafner (Schafner) family. My great grandfather William,(Woolf) Shafner died 1908 St Pancras. His wife Rachel (maiden name unknown) died 1889 St Pancras. I have obtained both death certificates, but I've been trying to find the graves. Their son, Robert, (Reuben) Shafner died St Pancras 1891. All three were born in Poland/Russia. I don't know exactly when they arrived in the UK. I have searched on 'Find a Grave'. I am assuming that they were Jewish, so, it could be they were buried in a Jewish Cemetery.
    I thank you in advance for any help which will be gratefully received

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    Hello Gilly

    This site seems to list the Jewish cemeteries in London. My geography isn't great so it would be a matter of seeing which one was closest to St Pancras?

    We do have a member, Philip, who is very knowledgeable about Jewish genealogy so I have moved your post to the Jewish forum in the hope that he will see it and be able to help.

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    There is an Ancestry.Com Family tree for the Woolf aka William Schafner aka Schfner. As a help I will post on the family as they appear in the British Census from 1871. I note that Woolf aka William was not a Naturalised British Subject and that Rachel, Rueben and Esther their daughter were born in Poland Russia but Solomon and the rest of the children were born in St Pancras. This suggests an arrival date in the UK circa 1864 but by 1866.
    I have looked on two main sources for Jewish Burials in the UK- Cemetery Scribes site and JewishGen Burial Online Worldwide Burial Registry but can't see the individuals. Looking at the later marriages of some of the children there is no doubt the family were Jewish.
    I will post further.

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    Here are British Census Records for Woolf aka William Schafner and family.
    1871 (Crown Copyright,TNA) RG10 242 11 15
    80 Southampton Road St. Pancras
    William Schfner H M 32 Glazier b Poland; Rachel wife 30 b Poland; Rubin son 11 b Poland; Esther dau 8 b Poland; Solomon son 5 St Pancras Dumb from birth and not able to walk from birth; Hannah dau 3 b St Pancras; Rebecca dau 4mths b St Pancras

    1881 (Crown Copyright,TNA) RG11 216 74 3
    11 Southampton Road St.Pancras
    Wolf Schafner HM 38 Glass Merchant employing 1 man and 4 boys b Poland Russia; Rachel wife 37 b Poland Russia; Robert son u 20 Glass Merchant b Poland Russia; Esther dau u 17 b Poland Russia; Soloman 15 son Imbecile b Whitechapel; Annie dau 12 b St Pancras; Rebecca dau 10 b St Pancras; Jacob son 8 b St Pancras; Leah dau 6 b St Pancras; Sarah 4 dau b St Pancras
    1891(Crown Copyright,TNA) RG12 135 101 20
    11 Southampton Road St Pancras
    Woolf Shafner H Widower 49 Glass Merchant b Poland not naturalised; Esther dau s 26 b Poland not naturalised; Annie s 22 dress worker b London Commercial Road BS;Rebuen son s 20 ?? b St Pancras BS; Jacob son s 18 Glass Merchant b St Pancras BS; Leah dau s 16 Dress Worker b St Pancras BS;Sarah dau 14 Scholar b St Pancras BS +2 servants


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    Philip, Thank you very much for the info. although, I do already have these records. It's the burials that I would love to know about. William Shafner was born in Ladey, Poland Russia, but I cannot find it on the map, maybe it no longer exists? Gilly

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    If you look on JewishGen under Towns you will see Lyady Belarus aka Liady (Yiddish) aka Lady ( Belarus, Poland. Pre 1900 Lyady was in Gorki Mogilev Russian Empire. I suspect the census recorder wrote down a rough guess at the town.

    Try the West London Synagogue Upper Berkley Street from 1870 which covered St Pancras at the time- they have some records including Balls Pond Cemetery 900 burial records and Hoop Lane Cemetery after 1900-2007 -12, 166 burial/cremation records.
    Give them spelling options for the surname plus as much detail as you have particularly the GRO Death Records.


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    Thank you Philip.

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    I know you were asking my cousin Debbie Bozkurt about your Shafer lines back in 2008 on this Forum and out of interest I looked at the Ancestry.Com family trees in the Public Domain which have your lines. I noted that in the case of Sarah Shafer who married Benjamin Lewis his parents were recorded as Lewis Lyon Levi 1827-1905 and Adele Le Blond. Lewis Lyon Levi's parents were recorded as Nathan Levi and Matilda.
    I do not know if this is the same data that you currently hold. However, Lewis Lyon Levi died in 1867 in NZ and not in 1905.
    The Jewish Victorian. Genealogical Information from the Jewish Newspapers 1871-1880 transcribed and edited by Doreen Berger, 1999 Publisher Robert Boyd has the following record of the death of Lewis Lyon Levi plus data on his parents and some relatives:

    DEATH LEWIS LYON LEVI 13.11.1877 at his residence Dunedin New Zealand, in his 48th year eldest surviving son of Nathan and Matilda LEVI of 97 Ryland Road Edgbaston Birmingham
    -Nathan Levi father; Matilda Levi mother; Charles Levi brother; Mosely Levi brother; Miss Levi sister; Evelina WOLFSOHN sister; Joseph WOLFSOHN brother in law.
    Death- NATHAN LEVI 97 Ryland Road Birmingham condolences 15.12.1878
    Death- CHARLES LEVI 16.4.1878 at his residence New York after a protracted illness, fifth son of Nathan and Matilda Levi of 97 Ryland Road Birmingham
    Death- MOSELY LEVI 18.1.1872 at his residence New York eldest and beloved son of Nathan and Matilda Levi of Ryland Road Birmingham, aged 43
    Death- EVELINA WOLFSOHN 23.12.1871 ( and 8th anniversary of her wedding day)in her 32nd year at 42 Lee Bank Birmingham, beloved wife of Joseph Wolfsohn and daughter of Nathan and Matilda Levi.

    I hope this data is of use.

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    Hi Philip, the information is of a different Levi family, which has been re-researched and corrected. Nonetheless, I feel a connection somewhere along the line. By the way, re the Shafner burials. They have all been found, except that of Rachel Shafner. Thank you so much for all your help. Any further developments I will keep you posted.
    Best wishes

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    Default Rachel Shafner

    Philip I am still finding it a problem, re Rachel Shafner. I have a strange feeling that Rachel may not of been her birth name?
    Re Levi's, My family tree is on if you are able to send me your private email I will invite you as a guest member, then you can look at my family tree.
    Kind regards

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