Hello everyone,

Last year Forces War Records assisted a local war memorial in Wingfield, Wiltshire after a bronze statue of Christ was stolen from a War Memorial in the village. The company offered 1000 for the return of the statue or information leading to a conviction of the thieves.

Once again we’re on the look out to help local and national war memorials that have been damaged by time or through the actions of selfish individuals. It’s another remarkable year for Britain’s war history being the 200th Anniversary of Waterloo in June, 100 years since the ANZAC landing in Gallipoli and the same again for the first engagement of Kitchener’s volunteer New Army in the First World War.

Our national war memorials are more important than ever and it is Britain’s responsibility to look after them and Forces War Records just want to do our part.

Most memorials are tended to by local parishes or councils so we would really appreciate the help of Britain's widespread network of Family History Societies to help us locate memorials needing a bit of tender loving care.

You can reach me on here with a reply to this post or a PM, both websites also have contact forms with which to communicate with us.

Thank you for your time.

Kind Regards,