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    Default please date this photo thankyou

    Hi there this is my first post on this website, this photo is of a simkiss ancestor of mine but its unknown wether is my great great grandmother Louisa ada simkiss born 1873 or my 3x great mary simkiss born 1841?

    could it be a mourning photo? Louisa ada born 1873 her father was killed on railway in 1889 im finding it hard to put a age to her face?

    many thanks

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    sorry another version of same one just changed contrast etc to see her face better

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    I have no expertise in dating photos but I did find these sites. I am sure someone else will be along soon to actually offer advice.

    "What Photo is That? A guide to identifying 19th and early 20th century non-colour processes"
    "Date a Carte de Visite Photograph"
    "Victorian and Edwardian Photographs"
    "illustrated pages of Fashion History, Costume History, Clothing, Fashions and Social History"
    "Victorian fashion" (including handy diagram from 1868 of appropriate skirt lengths for girls!)
    "Clothing worn in Western Europe, the Americas, and countries under European or American influence from c. 1750 to World War II."
    "What Victorian Children Wore"
    "Dating Old Photographs"

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    The portrait was taken in the 1870. The style of the dress with frills and apron, and the hairstyle tells us that. Also the square border around the image was typical in the 1870s. In the 1880s it became curved at the corners. So if anyone, the photo is most likely Mary Simkiss, born in 1841. There is nothing particular to suggest it is a mourning portrait. I'm not sure there is such a thing as a mourning portrait. Ah! Wikipedia describes mourning portraits, but they turn out to be portraits of the recently deceased. She looks in rude good health to me.


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