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    Default World War One Story

    I have just published the story I have written about our grandfather Frederick Feston who survived for barely four months in the trenches.
    It is available from Amazon UK.
    Dont panic ! I am not asking you to buy a copy, but if you go to the "look inside" facility and see what I have done, then think to yourself "I can do that"
    and of course you can, and I am saying that you should.

    Anyone who is researching a World War One soldier, sailor or airman will have been taking note of all the commemorations, but they are just general, not about "your" ancestor. Whether he came home or died, he needs to be remembered as an individual and only you can do that because you have done the research.

    I am not sermonising, (well of course I am) but please think about it.
    Why have I used Amazon ? It is a simple way of having little books printed which my children and grandchildren can buy a copy for themselves instead of waiting for me to send them a free one!

    cheers Ed
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    Hi Ed,

    I think it's a wonderful idea to publish the storie's of the soldier's from the Great War. It is so important that they are remembered and that their storie's are known not just to the familie's but to everyone. Their courage and sacrifice should be honoured and I think that you have done a brilliant thing in publishing your grandfather story.


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    What a wonderful idea and way to remember soldier ancestors. I'm actually working on something similar about my war ancestors

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    It's nearly the end, figuratively, of course. 2018 and the centenary nearly over. Soon there will be the final commemorations, and then what? Back to oblivion except for November 11th every year. Have you done your bit and written the story of your WW1 ancestors? Don't leave it too late, these last four years have spun by.

    Cheers. Ed

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    Yes I'm writing 3 books about my war relatives along with a war themed poetry book. I'm also hoping to give a talk about my relatives to some school classes and have an exhibition of my war photography project. It's up to us to remember them outside of the centenary

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    Well done Becky. Hope you finish all three��at my age I can't take the risk of writing more than one at a time.

    Cheers. Ed


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