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    This thread should be read in conjunction with an earlier thread Daniel Jacobs-Esther Caroline Simmonds. In the earlier thread I posted data on Daniel, Esther and their children including Sarah.In this post I will begin to add data on Sarah Alma Jacobs and Alfred Abraham Benjamin.
    Alfred Abraham Benjamin parents were Joseph Benjamin and Phoebe Abrahams.
    When Sarah died she left probate to her daughter Constance Alice:
    Probate- Sarah Alma Benjamin Fairview Gun Meadow Road Knebworth Hertfordshire widow died 3 January,1925.Administration to Constance Alice Lewis wife of Richard James Lewis. Effects £49.3s 3d.
    The GRO Marriage Index record shows- Sept qtr 1919 Islington 1b 960- Constance Alice Benjamin- Richard L J Lewis

    There appear to be children born to the marriage but confirmation through Birth Certificates would be required.

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    The 1911 British Census shows that Sarah and Alfred had 5 children but only 2 survived- Constance and Lily:
    45 Northolme Road Highbury RG14 981 (Crown Copyright,TNA)
    Alfred BENJAMIN H 48 Married 17 years 5 children 2 living Stamp Dealer b London
    Sarah Alma wife 46 b St Thomas West Indies Deaf from Birth
    Constance Alice da 13
    Lily Florence dau 11
    Rawner Florence sister in law 48 single no occupation b St.Thomas West Indies
    Catherine BENJAMIN sister 37 single Clerk stationary b London
    +1 servant

    GRO Birth Index Records for Constance and Lily:
    Constance Alice BENJAMIN Sept qtr 1897 Islington 1b 406
    Lily Alice BENJAMIN Dec qtr 1899 Islington 1b 372


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    GRO Marriage Index Record- Sarah Alma JACOBS - Alfred BENJAMIN June qtr 1893 London C 1c 104

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    Hi Phillip, about Sarah Alma“s sister, Rawner Florence Jacobs Simmonds, she was blind since she was born. See 1881 she appears as Blind and Lunatic. She lived with his father Daniel and when he died, she stayed with her sister Sarah Alma.

    Sarah Alma, who was also deaf since birth, was a dress maker (1891 Census).

    One of their brothers also had medical issues since birth, it was Moses Percy Jacobs Simmonds, who was deaf. He became a Taylor (1911 Census), married Emily Jacobs (do not know her midden name) and had a child named Cecil Percy Jacobs born in 1908.

    So it seems the only sibling who could not manage by herself was Rawner Florence Jacobs Simmonds.

    Note that Sara Alma“s parents were 1st degree cousins (Daniel Jacobs Simmonds & Esther Caroline Simmonds) this may account for several children with birth defects.


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    If you look again at the Census records for Rawner Florence Jacobs there is no evidence of her being either deaf or a lunatic. I think that you have misread the 1881 Census records where the initials BS have placed placed in the column for infirmities. The BS stands for British Subject and applies to Rawner and her siblings born in St.Thomas WI. The census recorder has been unable to fit in the BS in the appropriate column. In each further census record Rawner has no reference to any infirmity.
    There are no records on any of the relatives having any mental health issues with the exception of Judah Lee Simmonds but this is in a separate record and not in the census returns.

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    Many thanks Philipp, will go back an look at the records in detail. As B.S, can be easily be mistaken for B.L.

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    This post is an update for my Simmonds/Jacobs and other related cousins. The post should be read in conjunction with the thread started 21.03.2015 NATHAN BENJAMIN-CATHERINE MOSES.
    In this post I will provide data on Abraham aka Alfred Benjamin son of Nathan Benjamin and Catherine Moses. The focus of this thread is the Old Bailey trial of Alfred Benjamin stamp dealer for fraud.
    The Old Bailey trial of George Kirke Jeffreys,Alfred Benjamin,Julian Hypolite Sarpy for deception and forgery 7 March 1892 was also reported in several newspapers and further information can be seen on various online sites dealing with postage stamps and forgery.
    Alfred Benjamin aka Abraham died in 1924-see Probate-Abraham Benjamin otherwise Alfred 1 Cullum Street Middlesex and of 45 Northolme Road Highbury Middx died 2 August 1924 at Victoria Park Chest Hospital Bethnal Green Middlesex- Probate to William MILLER engineer and Benjamin BENJAMIN clerk Effects £4663.18s 2d

    The address of 1 Cullum Street is important because it was the shop from which Alfred Benjamin and his partner Sarpy traded from 1888.The address was referred to in the Old Bailey trial.The trial concerned the forging of foreign and UK stamps which were sold for higher prices. Alfred Benjamin had set up business with a partner in the firm of Benjamin and Bannister until about 1886 when Alfred left for Australia. He returned in 1888 and re-established his postage stamp dealership with Sarpy who he had met in Australia.. The forgeries were mostly supplied by G K Jeffreyes.
    Alfred was found guilty of obtaining money by false pretences ( see England and Wales Criminal Registers 1791-1892 Alfred was found guilty and sentenced to 6 months hard labour. On release he returned to 1 Cullum Street with Sarpy and continued to sell stamps. There is some indication that stamps were in some cases frauds.

    There is also the newspaper accounts of The Robbery of Indian Stamps involving a plaintiff Alfred Benjamin master tailor 11 Jewin Street Burdett Road Bow who sought damages from the police for unlawful arrest which the court awarded to the defendant. In the trial reference was made to the police seeking to arrest a Joseph Benjamin- see The Standard Oct 15,1892. This case appears to be linked to Alfred aka Abraham Benjamin but the address of Jewin Street does not match that of Alfred aka Abraham's father Joseph Benjamin who was at 10 Elmore Street Islington in the 1891 Census.
    I will post further on the Benjamin.
    Phillip-Jewish,British Ancestry

    "The only true dead are those who have been forgotten"

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    This is the Synagogue Scribes Marriage Record for Joseph Benjamin-Phoebe Abrahams the parents of Alfred aka Abraham Benjamin GSM2 226/2 6 Jan 1858
    Joseph Benjamin father's Hebrew name Nathan privd member
    Phoebe Abrahams Hebrew name Fradel father's Hebrew name Jacob

    See JewishGen UK 1851 Anglo Jewry Data base- Joseph Benjamin ID 9685 and Cemetery Scribes Nathan Benjamin and wife Catherine Moses ID 323 plus children
    See Synagogue Scribes Will Extracts NA059 Nathan Benjamin 1846

    The 1861-1891 British Census show numbers of children with Joseph and Phoebe Benjamin including John, Frances,Nathaniel,Abraham,Maurice,Sarah,Edward,Ben jamin,Catherine,Albert Julian.

    Albert Julian Benjamin b 1866 went to Australia. Catherine b 1874 married a Charles Dickens scholar William Miller and went to USA before returning to UK where she died in 1964. Sarah went to the USA.

    The 1881 Census (Copyright TNA)RG11 250 72 45
    10 Elmore Street Islington London
    Joseph Benjamin H M 63 Tailors Clerk and Cigar Dealer b Leigh Essex
    Phoebe wife 44 b Spitalfields
    ABRAHAM son u 18 Assistant Turning?...? Manufacturer b Marylebone
    Maurice son u 16 Grocers Assistant b Marylebone
    Sarah dau 11 scholar b Marylebone
    Edward son 9 scholar b Bethnal Green
    Catherine dau 7 scholar b Bethnal Green
    Benjamin son 5 scholar b Bethnal Green
    +1 servant

    I will post further.
    Phillip-Jewish,British Ancestry

    "The only true dead are those who have been forgotten"


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