Found in the WW1 Service Records (WO 363):

HENRY SCOTT enlisted in the RA, no. 57710, in November 1886, declaring born Plymouth, age 24y 9m, father Thomas in Tavistock, no previous service.
In 1887 he confessed to having previous service: 13 years with the RA, January 1873 to September 1886, as RICHARD BRIMACOMBE, no. 25365. He is supposedly age 33y 1m in June 1887.

He is punished for making a false attestation (ie stating no previous service) but it is not clear which name is false! (There are more suitable candidates for Scott than Brimacombe in freebmd ... IF he was really born in Plymouth.)

He continues to serve as SCOTT until his death (from Epitheloina, at Agra) in November 1889.

Probably not a mis-file, but if you're looking for a Brimacombe:

Anc****y, SCO, pages 108230 to 108243