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    Question West Indies - Island of Martinique

    Highly confused! Trying to find info on this awesome guy:

    Surville Jean de Baptiste De Lanois - born in West Indies (I believe the Island of Martinique) about 1836. From a later census in the US, it looks like both his parents were also born in the West Indies. It seems he may have come to the US as early as 1840 or 1845 (work in progress!) This sure can be tricky!

    I've gone on several websites and I've just gotten more confused... even with the amazing Google Translate.

    - A

    If anyone has any ideas, it would be much appreciated. I'll keep browsing around some of the other posts and see if I can get any ideas from those but anything would help!

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    It looks to me as though you need to look at French genealogy, particularly as Martinique is part of France even today (an overseas department).

    If you look on the list of today's posts you will see one entitled "French equivalent of Brit Gen forums", which mentions a French forum that has an English language part. That might be a good place to look.

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