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    Default Aaron GOLDEN, Broseley

    Aaron Golden (b1762) is shown as the Father of my 3xGGrandmother Alice Golden.
    He married Mary Botfield on 15 Oct 1780 in Broseley.

    Family Search show that Aaron and MARY had the following children:

    Nancy (1782)
    Lawrence (1784)
    Catherina (1786)

    Fanny (1790)

    The problem is that Alice's Baptism, recorded as 11 May 1788 with Father Aaron but Mother ANNE ?
    Is there a possibility that his Wife's name was incorrectly transcribed (I can find no other Aaron Golden) or can anybody advise why a different name would be recorded for the Mother.

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    The original parish registers can be found at Findmypast. The mother's name has been recorded as Anne in the parish register.

    It is not impossible to imagine that the person recording the events in the register would do so periodically rather than as they occurred, and in doing so made mistakes.

    I see that Aaron's parents were Francis and Anne. If the incumbent priest had been in place for a long time, he probably knew every member of the family, and may well have recorded Anne as a slip of the hand.

    I have an instance in Pembrokeshire where the father is shown with a different name to that expected, but the family name is quite uncommon, and I know that there was no one of that name at that time. It really would be stretching the bounds of co-incidence to accept that the wrong named father, also had a wife with the correct names (including her maiden name) and a child with the correct names. Mistakes happen.

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    Thanks Megan,

    I feel confident now that Alice had the same Mother as the other Children. The 2-year Birth cycle of the children fits perfectly with her inclusion. I would agree that her Mother's name association with her Grandmother was probably the reason. Had that not been the case it would have made further research difficult if not impossible.


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