Those members of Forces War Records who have clicked on Free Forum should be aware that they are now on the British Genealogy Forum. This forum is owned by FWR, but is a separate entity, and existed for some years before FWR took it over in 2013. Members should be aware when posting on British Genealogy that their posts are subject to the Terms and Conditions, and may be seen by members of the public via Google (though only those registered with BG or FWR may contribute to threads). British Genealogy is a totally free forum with a huge worldwide membership, and not everyone is a member of Forces War Records, so please take care in making references to “this site”, as this might be misconstrued.

Please also be aware that you can receive help with genealogical matters here far beyond the purely military. If you change FWR to British Genealogy in the Quick Style Chooser box at the foot, and then click on Return to Forum Home Page, you will find many more forums to choose from. British Genealogy Moderators, and BG members in general, are not employees of Forces War Records but have a wide and varied experience of tracing family history, and are only too pleased to help where they can, but please be aware that they are all volunteers working at home in their own time.

Please also take a moment to fill in your forum profile by going to the Home Page and clicking on UserCP from the Quick Links Menu. In particular your location will be helpful, even if it is just a county. There is no point in advising someone to visit a particular record repository if they live the opposite end of the country, or even the world, from where the records are located, and members will be more likely to seek information for you if this is the case.

Finally, could you ensure that you have enabled Private Messages via your profile. You are prohibited from posting details of possibly living people on British Genealogy, but we have seen an increase in recent months of FWR members trying to locate former Forces comrades. This would be better done via Forces Reunited, but if information does come to hand concerning a living descendant of someone mentioned in a thread then members should be able to contact you via Private Message by clicking on your user name. Please see this thread for how to personalise your profile.