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    Question 60th foot and Rifle brigade - the same?

    Henry Mather, born Nottingham 1834, newly enlisted in the British Army, survived the wreck of HM Troopship Birkenhead near Cape Town, on 26th February 1852; he was thought to have perished but he wrote to his father and the news appeared in the Nottingham papers. I'm fairly sure the Harry Mather of the 60th foot (kings royal rifle) who was awarded the South Africa Medal 1854, the Sergeant Harry Mather who was awarded the Indian Mutiny Medal (1857/58) and the Private Harry Mather who was awarded the Second China War Medal (1860) were all the same man, since the last two were discharged at Hong Kong 31/10/1861. (records from Ancestry and forces-war-records).
    But there are also records for a Henry Mather who served in the Crimea - in the 2nd battalion Rifle Brigade - were the 60th foot and the rifle brigade the same? could he be the same man?
    And could anyone say why he was discharged in Hong Kong?

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    As I understand it...

    King's Royal Rifles = 60th Regiment of Foot

    Rifle Brigade = 95th Regiment of Foot

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    Thanks, Peter. I thought it likely they were two separate men, but I have not got my head round these names of regiments, particularly as you have to take dates into consideration, as they changed so often.

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    hi there i have a similar issue with a rifle brigade query and as i understand it, in the early days the rifles were recruited from all regiments but retained there original chaps I am intrested in are Napolionic so I am not sure if that applies in all

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    Not sure I have ever heard they were recruited from other Regiments. I think the 2 Battalions of Rifles, one Rifle Brigade one KKRC were used as skirmishers and snipers in the Napoleonic War. I have read a while ago that they split them one company of Riflemen to one Brigade of line Regiment.It would explain why in the Sharpe series of films he was South Essex but had the green uniform and hat of the 95th Rifle Brigade.


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