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    Eric Atkin


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    Welcome to British Genealogy, imsimj.
    I assume that you have realised how old this thread is? Most of the contributers made a couple of posts and haven't been back. Since Hutchinson is not a rare name, I suggest that you start your own thread about your family (I or one of the other Mods can easily move your post above to it).

    What else do you know about Susanna? Why do you think she came from landed gentry? Where was their estate?
    Hi Susanna
    Go to and follow descendants on John Hutchinson 11
    1641 - 1677. There is a Susanna on the descendants line.

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    I should give an update. In 2003 I started a surname DNA project for Hutchinson and other spellings. See:

    I have not been successful in establishing a link between Richard Hutchinson, b. 1602 in Arnold, who migrated to America in 1634 to Col. John Hutchinson. Several unique lines with the name of Hutchinson have been identified. We are not all related. Hutchinson, Hutchison, Hutcheson, etc. do seem to have different DNA. It is not just a matter of spelling. However, Hutchinson tends to be from England and Hutchison tends to be from Scotland. But this is not a hard rule.

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