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    Default Parent's names not recorded 1716-1730

    I'm trying to build up a family of non-conformists, and have managed to identify the parent's names through apprenticeship and burial records.

    Thomas & Ann GREEN (nee YOUNG) were married 1710 at Bradwell-juxta-Coggeshall, Essex in 1710, both of the parish of Stebbing.

    They had children publicly named at Athorp Rooting {alias Aythorpe Roding} though listed as Abbotts Roothing {alias Abbess Roding} Abbotts Meeting Rookwood Hall (Independent)

    James 1716
    Thomas 1717
    Ann 1719
    Jesse 1730 {b. abt. 1720 from apprenticeship record}
    Micah 1730 {b. abt. 1722 from burial}
    Robert 1730
    Elizabeth Young 1730

    But in all entries the parent's name is not listed, yet all other entries on the pages (available on ancestry) have parent's name given.

    So, was there any particular reason a non-conformist couple would not want their details recorded?
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