For the photocopy option you have to download the application and then either post or fax it back to them. You cannot e-mail it to them.

You can pay by credit card, or if unwilling to do that, stick a 5 euro note in (though you wonít get the 1 euro change).

What GRO Roscommon need is the persons name, the location, year, quarter (if one is listed), volume & page number. Write that anywhere on the form. Donít worry about leaving some boxes blank. They are only needed for applications without the reference information.

They will e-mail the copy cert to you if you want. (Tick relevant box on form). Takes about 10 days at present.

Note that Roscommon only hold copy certs for what is now Northern Ireland up to 31.12.1921. (If you need a post 1921 NI cert, you need to contact GRONI in Belfast)>