Archway is Archives New Zealand’s system for documenting government records and contains descriptions of over 1.5 million records that have been transferred from government agencies to four offices in Auckland, Christchurch, Dunedin and Wellington. This will increase over time as additional records are added to the system.
There is also a wealth of information in Archway about the government of New Zealand from 1840 to the current day.
Archway contains descriptive information only; it does not yet provide on-line access to the text of the records themselves. The quality and completeness of information varies and work is underway to bring it all up to a consistent standard.
Future developments planned for Archway include:

  • On-line ordering (click here to find out about ordering records)
  • On-line access to digital images
  • Access to electronic records
  • Information about government archives held in other institutions
  • Information about records still held by government agencies

NB. Archives New Zealand is primarily responsible for the records of central government and ministers of the Crown. See the Archives New Zealand website for a list of the major institutions in New Zealand that hold private and local government archives and manuscripts.

Birth, Death and Marriage Historical Records website, where you can search and order New Zealand Government records

Ashburton District Cemeteries
Cemeteries in Auckland
Cemeteries in Marlborough district
Christchurch cemeteries database
Featherston Camp Death Register WW1
Napier Cemetery data base

New Zealand Yesteryears listing ships, crew and passengers

National Library of New Zealand

New Zealand Jewish Archives

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Districts of New Zealand (2013)
New Zealand is divided into areas governed by District Councils (second-tier government units). Genealogists may find references to districts in documents such as probates and in origins or titles of sports teams. District names and boundaries may have changed over time.

Wellington City Council Archives.
A primary source for information about early Wellington, the Wellington City Council Archives collections include an alphabetical listing of individuals and organisations, Rating and Valuation records, Minute Books, early correspondence, Yearbooks, staff records, building records, photographs from 1860, records from the first municipal election in 1842 and a 1892 surveyor map (best viewed as a webmap).

The Community Archive
New Zealand’s hub for archival collections. Here you will find treasures of our past and present. Contributors range from individuals and small local organisations through to large institutions with nationally-significant collections

Te Ara – The Encyclopedia of New Zealand is building a comprehensive guide to our peoples, natural environment, history, culture, economy and society.