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    re irishmariners. I agree that the dates are wrong but also his seaman's number does not agree. I'm thinking about the oddity of having both land and sea campaign medals; there was a marines type body which did carry out land fighting so perhaps ....... I've been into the UK military records and cannot place him because the records on the internet are sketchy though there are many John Shaws there

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    Very many thanks to everybody who contributed to this enquiry.
    Of course Jack Shaw, his wife and daughter are now dead but I have met his granddaughter (my niece) her husband and their daughter who still live in Belfast and have apparently very satisfying careers. That was most peaceful - one never knows in such circumstances.
    Today, 11th November is sad because my brother was shot down over Essen during WWII and I never met him.
    Again, thank you to EVERYONE who contributed to this search

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