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    Default Looking for Naylen originally from Ireland

    Can anyone help or direct me where to find info about my Irish roots? My 3rd Gt Grandparents came over with 4 sons mid 1800's, I beleive from Co Clare. The first cenus they appear on is 1861. My 2nd Gt Granparents were married in Wooler 1852. The spelling of the name changes from document to document, one branch now has a completly different form (Nealen)

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    hallo liilybones and welcome to British-Genealogy. Your original post was in the Surnames Forum, where posts are closed, so I have copied it to the Irish Forum in case anyone has any clues to the origins of the Naylen family.
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    Hello lillybones,
    Can you let us please have the forenames of your 3rd gt grandfather and wife and an idea of where they were on the 1861 census.This will give us a birth year and enable us to look for any Irish birth/baptism records.Are you sure about Co Clare being Mr Naylen's birth county?

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    My 3rd Gt Grandparents were Anthony and (Mary. I believe thery were born about 1786 and 1797 and died in the UK about 1856 and 1877. This info was passed down from when my late Mother looked at records manually, she always said Co Clare). I know that Anthony is correct as he is named on my 2nd Gt Grandfather, also Anthony, marriage cert his name is spelt Nailin, when he married Catherine McDonnell born in Ireland, Father Alexander a shoemaker. The marriage took place in the Register Office, Wooler, as the Naylen's were Catholic I wondered if Catherine was not. Anthonys brothers were Edward 1835, Michael 1837 and Thomas 1838. If these dates are correct Mary must have had her family 'late'.
    I really would like to 'crack' this. Dad always said the family came over with a load of beasts during the potato famine, how true that is I suppose I will never know.
    Many thanks for your help.

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    I had a look for Naylen, Nailon, Nealen etc on Griffiths Valuation the Irish 19th century census substitute. The version that I found was Neylon, which was almost exclusively a Mayo name. So I wonder how sure you are that it is from Co Clare. Neylon said in a broad Mayo accent could certainly sound like Naylen. You may find it interesting to look at and enter the name. This is a free search and lists the origin of the name and the common variants. I also came across a website for the name Neylon at

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    Thank you. I've had a closer look at 1911 census and indications show that the 'wifes' of the brothers all came from Mayo. I think this may be more promising and Co Clare was duff info. All the spellings you gave are consistant with that on recsords I have, even today not everyone gets it right. I'll have a look at the website.


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