From the Queenstown Free Press (South African newspaper) of 11 November 1892

On Thursday afternoon it was noticed that Drs. SAUNDERS, GREATHEAD, CHEW, FITZGERALD, and E. ATHERSTONE were called into Mr. J.R. BELL's, and the fact created no little comment. It did not transpire until a little later in the afternoon that a young lady (Miss Mary Jane DICKSON) had succumbed in the surgery while under the influence of chloroform. It appears that the unfortunate young lady went to have her teeth attended to, and it was found necessary to place her under the inffuence of the drug. Dr.SAUNDERS was present to superintend the administration of the chloroform, which the patient took in the usual manner, and Mr. CORMACK, L.D.S. (in Mr. J.R. BELL's absence from town) proceeded to extract four teeth. Mr. CORMACK then suggested that another tooth, about which he had not been consulted, ought also to come out, and was turning to fetch the necessary instrument, when the Doctor exclaimed "Stop she has ceased breathing!" It was only too true. Every effort was at once made to induce respiration, but unhappily without avail. All the medical gentlemen mentioned above were called in; but Miss DICKSON was beyond the reach of medical aid and after about an hour and a half all were forced to admit that life was extinct. It is supposed that the patient had an epileptic fit while under chloroform, and that this was the cause of death. The deceased, who was only 24 years and 9 months old, was the youngest daughter of Major-General DICKSON, of Castletown, Isle of Man, and sister of Mr. J. Quayle DICKSON, a prominent farmer in the Fort Beaufort district. The sad event has created a very melancholy impression throughout the city, and many are the expressions of regret for the young life so sadly and unexpectedly terminated, and of sympathy for the bereaved family. The funeral took place yesterday afternoon from the residence of Mr. Harold B. GUEST, whither the body had been removed. Since writing the above, we learn that as a result of a post mortem examination by the District Surgeon, death is found to have resulted from failure of the hearts action, and not from epilepsy. It is said that the deceased had been examined on three previous occasions in the Old Country, and the doctors told her that her heart was in good order. Mr. HEMMING opened an inquest this morning, shortly before we went to press, and Messrs. CORMACK and H.B. GUEST, gave evidence, bearing out in main the statements published above. Mr. A.S. HUTTON watched the proceedings on behalf of Dr. SAUNDERS.