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    Default What does 'Payment Date' mean?

    I've only just found databases relating to appentices and apprenticeships on line so I'm a bit lost at what I'm looking at.

    My ancestor was Thomas Garnham and although I haven't yet managed to pin down birth or death dates for him I do know he married Phoebe/Phebe Paskin on 21.9.1806 in Bloomsbury St. George. Baptism records for their children over the years list his occupation as 'journeyman coach smith' (1815), 'coach smith' (1817) and then just 'smith' in 1819, 1821 and 1827. Thomas and Phoebe's son, Thomas Edward, was born in 1811and became a coach smith. Home addresses are various but mostly Drury Lane and one King's Head Yard in, I presume, Bloomsbury.

    I have found a Thomas Garnham in the UK Register of Duties Paid for Appentice Indentures 1710 - 1811. the entry is dated 24.4.1755 as his 'payment date' to Henry Lake a coachmaker of London.

    I think this Thomas must be a generation earlier. Can anyone throw any light on how apprenticeships worked then and what the payment date is, please?


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    The catalogue answers a lot of questions.

    "The dates listed do not refer to the date of the apprenticeship but to the date when the tax was paid, which may be some years after the apprenticeship"


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