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    There are many heroic transcriptions and I appreciate the effort that has gone into them, but this particular transcription is unbelievably awful. I've posted it as a reminder that it's worth keeping on looking.

    1911 Census, Wigan. I found my greatgrandmother, slighly misspelt, at 53 Scholes on the summary sheet.

    It took the best part of an evening to find the family. I was looking for Alice Sidebotham with (unmarried) daughters Ada and Josephine. I rejected them the first time I found them as:

    Alice Moldenhauer
    Josephine Hornblower and
    Ada Ledeboer. and someone had 'corrected' Leberboer to Moldenhauer!

    The search engine objected to the street address when I put it as the keyword: thinking about it now, it might have wanted a comma. About the only thing I didn't try was putting the piece and the district in the keyword box.

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    1. In Ancestry If you find someone in the summary books, the surest way to get to the household schedule is to note the County, Parish, Enumeration District and schedule number and then enter these details in the Browse facility. Schedule number 24 will be at about image number 48.

    2. If you can't find someone in one index, it's often worth trying another. I think the official 1911 site (and others in the same group) has it under Alice Sidebotham in the free index but I haven't paid money to check.

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    Ada and Josephine are both buried with their mother Alice in Wigan cemetery, they are my great aunts, I knew Ada. My great grand mother is Alice. William’s name is on the head stone but he is not buried there.

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    Thank you for that information, and welcome to the British Genealogy Forum.
    Sadly, Wiganexile is no longer a member (that’s why they are tagged “guest”) and the law does not allow us to retain contact info. However, you never know when someone with matching interests will turn up and, if you share more from your search, there could be more help around.


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