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    Default Gallows Hill, Cavan

    Hi all, Having ancenstral roots in cavan, i.e. Eaton, McMahon, Sheridan and O'Rielley's, I've always been very interested in the local history. Firstly, does anyone know of any good websites with archive photographs of people and places of old Cavan town that I could brows. I'm very interested in any stories of Brefni Terrece and the Half Acre. Lastley, does anyone know of the history behind the Gallows Hill. Was it actually the place were gallows were located?

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    According to Ireland Old News ( Gallows Hill was formerly known as Tullagh-Mangain hill.

    There are also a number of photographs of Cavan in a public Flickr account:

    By the way, there is also mention of "Rental of a County Cavan Estate 1802" in the Genealogical Society of Ireland's Journal Winter 2005 Vol 6. No 4

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    There is a newspaper item about Gallows Hill and the Battle of Ballinamuck 1798.

    Does Ballinamuck tie in with the Cavan location?

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    Thankyou to both of you for replying. I will follow these up and would be very interested in the Ballinamuck story.

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    The above link mentions "Gallows Hill" and a change of name


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