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    Googling "Woolden Hall" brings up quite a few hits.
    I have found bits and pieces about Great and Little Woolden Hall but so far I have not managed to find anything online about Woolden Mill in particular. Are there any search engines or archives that might have further info on it ? I wondered about newspapers records and such like as the fire at the mill would probably have been in local papers at the time.

    Another thing I wondered about is whether there is any other way to find out who the fathers of the apparently illegitimate children were. It seems as though Margaret married Thomas Thomason in 1848 but is he likely to be the father of Peter if they didn't marry until 10 years after his birth. I think I'm probably clutching at straws now but I hate not being able to pinpoint everyone in my tree and put them with the correct links

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    I hope you are all still out there. My ancestor was Margaret Wrigley, born 1816, who married Thomas Thomason at Eccles in 1848. Her father was Charles Wrigley of Woolden Mill. Does anyone have any family tree beyond Charles Wrigley, please?

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    Welcome to the British-Genealogy forums
    Just as a starting point for others (ignore ancestry's mistranscription)
    1841 HO107 piece 542 Book 7 Folio 26 Page 6

    Charles Weigley 60. Miller
    Charles Weigley 60 (this should be 40 years I think)
    George Weigley 12
    William Weigley 10
    Peter Weigley 2
    Ann Weigley 35
    Hannah Weigley 30
    Margret Weigley 25
    All born in county. These ages have all been marked down to the nearest 5 as required in the 1841 census only so Charles senior's age could be in the range 60 to 64.

    A tree on ancestry has the name of the father as Charles Henry and his wife as Sally but no source information.
    Have to leave it for now.

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    Manchester Mercury, 27 Sep 1774
    Lot 1st - The FEE-SIMPLE and INHERITANCE, of and in all that CAPITAL MESSUAGE, or MANSION HOUSE, called Great Woolden Hall ..... And also the Manor or Royalty of Cadishead, with a large Quantity of Moss Land, and some Common Land, thereto belonging; and likewise the Water Corn Mill, with the Appurtenances, called Woolden Mill situate in Cadishead aforesaid, and now in the holding of William Wrigley".
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    A "William Wrigley of Glazebrook, miller, and his wife Mary" christened the following at Hollinfare -

    Mary, born Nov 10 1782, Xten'd 1 Dec 1782
    Betty, born 16 Sep 1784, Xten'd 14 Nov 1784
    William, born 4 Feb 1787, Xten'd 18 Mar 1787
    Joseph, born 10 Mar 1789, Xten'd 21 may 1789

    Sadly, cannot link a Charles Wrigley, age 60 on the '41 Census to this couple.
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    There's an earlier christening at Hollinfare -
    Margaret, dau of Will'm Wrigley of Glassbrook, Innkeeper, and Mary his wife, born 26 Aug 1780, Xten'd 24 Sep 1780.
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    Have been searching again for a Charles Wrigley and suddenly popped up

    FMP Baptism (Image) - place Hollinfare

    Charles, son of Charles Wrigley, of Cadishead, Miller, and Sarah his wife, born 7 April 1796, xten'd 1 May 1796.

    Allowing for rounding down on the '41 Census, Charles Wrigley, age 40 (1897-1801) is a candidate for the above baptism?
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