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    Default Advice Needed: Piccadilly Street 1834

    Would anyone have any ideas about how to go about identifying a person living at Piccadilly Street, Anderston, Glasgow in 1834? I am seeking additional information on a Malcolm McFarlane who was living in that area in 1834. He was probably the son of a Peter McFarlane mentioned in an 1807 probate record of John McFarlane who died in Charlotte County, New Brunswick. John McFarlane had listed Peter as his brother in his will.

    Going out on a limb, I'm guessing that John McFarlane had been a weaver by trade and had, at the time of his death, an apprentice. There are a few Glasgow directories available online but they're all later than this time period. Any suggestions?


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    Post Office Directories Scotland - see https://www.
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    Default Post Office Directories

    Thank you for the marvelous link.



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