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    Default Personal website from a GEDCOM file?

    I intend to create my own personal family tree website, once I have enough detail in my tree to publish.

    Although I use Family Historian 4.1 as my database of relations, I prefer the idea of creating my own site from scratch. Could I do this and update the site manually from Family Historian as and when, perhaps from a GEDCOM file?

    Anyone on here have a personally create site fed by a GEDCOM file?

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    Sounds like a good approach if you're a dab hand at HTML. I used to be able to technically cope with at least some HTML amd CSS but am completely lacking in any graphic design capability!

    Googling gedcom to html or something like that throws up plenty of possibilities.

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    It all depends on how you want to display your information.

    I prefer to use a report format in pdf to show my information, then it is a case of just over-writing the file with the new pdf containing any new information.

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    You might find some ideas at Cyndi's List - www.

    If you want to create a site from a GEDCOM, you can either do it on your computer with a GEDCOM to HTML program and then upload all the resulting files; or you can find a site where you upload the GEDCOM, and the site's software then uses it to create pages as and when they are required. On the other hand, does Family Historian have a built-in tool to create a website?

    (My site is created by hand (slowly!) so it's not what you're asking about. However, doing it that way means that I get to decide on what's included, rather than trusting it to a computer and risking that something slips through by mistake.)



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