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    Default Jahaziel Burden, tenor

    My 7x great Grandfather was a man rather spendidly named Jahaziel Burden he had been born in 1745 in Semley, Wiltshire as one of eighteen children born to James Burden, when Jahaziel was eighteen in Jan 1764 he married his first wife Hannah Dean in Witham Friary Somerset and had four children born to her, he married his second wife Hannah Shepperd also in Witham Friary in August 1771 I do not believe any children were born of this union.
    Jahaziel and Hannah left Witham Friary in abt 1781 he is last mentioned in Witham Friary as a witness at his daughter Jemima's wedding on March 26th 1780 to Robert Edwards, I have since found a quote about Jahaziel Burden as I Googled his name he is mentioned in a book named 'A Biographical Dictionary of Actors, Actresses, Musicians, Dancers, Managers and other Stage personnel in London between 1660-1800 vol 2', the quote states that he is living at No 46 Longacre, which I believe is in Westminster and is a tenor who has been participating in the performances by the Handelian, which I have found was a group who performed the works of composer George Friedric Handel, this is the last mention I have of him I have been unable to find a death for him and at the time this was stated 1794 Jahaziel would have been fifty years old I would be grateful if anyone knew anything else or could help me out with a death or maybe any other works he may have performed in as I do not know much about the opera scene at this time I am a little in the dark about what kind of profession he may have been in if he didn't have a full time career as a tenor which I doubt.

    Kind Regards

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    I can only find what you have already

    A fellow researcher?


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    I don't know whether this is all the same family, but ...

    Quote Originally Posted by LilyAllenFan86 View Post
    I have been unable to find a death for him
    According to London Parish registers, one Jahaziel BURDEN was buried on 22 Nov 1822 at St Mary Newington (Surrey), aged 78, from Nelson Place, Locks Fields.

    Other parish register entries may relate to the same family ...

    There was a marriage on 14 Apr 1811 at St Mary Newington of Jahaziel BURDEN, bachelor, a Minor, and Susannah MARSHALL, spinster, a Minor (both of the parish), by consent of parents and after banns. Witnesses were Richd HITCHCOCK and Eunice Mary BURDEN. All except Richard HITCHCOCK made their mark.
    A note in the margin of the marriage register reads ...
    Mary Burden mother to the minor present
    Margaret Hitchcock mother to Susannah Marshall present

    Two baptisms ...

    St James Clerkenwell
    15 Feb 1792 - Johannon of Jahaziel and Mary BURDEN, born 15 Jan 1792

    St Mary Magdalene Bermondsey
    22 Apr 1794 - Urias, s. of Jahaziel & Mary BURDEN, Carpenter, Grange Road, born 23 Sep 1793

    A possible 2nd marriage for Johannon ...

    St John Waterloo
    11 August 1839
    Johanan Burden, full age, widower, brushmaker, Waterloo Road. Father - Jahazel Burden, Carpenter
    Sarah Carter, full age, widow, Waterloo Road. Father - William Asbury, Labourer
    After banns, both spouses made their mark
    Witnesses - James Green, Robt Brown (both church employees)

    None of the addresses given above is particularly close to Long Acre, so perhaps this is a different branch of your family?

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    Quote Originally Posted by LilyAllenFan86 View Post
    the quote states that he is living at No 46 Longacre, which I believe is in Westminster and is a tenor who has been participating in the performances by the Handelian, which I have found was a group who performed the works of composer George Friedric Handel
    The full entry reads (from Google Books) ...

    Burden, Jahaziel (fl. 1794), singer.
    In 1794 Doane listed Jahaziel Burden, of No 46 Longacre, as a tenor who participated in performances by the Handelian Society at Westminster Abbey, in oratorios at Covent Garden, and in concerts presented by the Choral Fund. He was doubtless related to the other singing Burdens of the time.

    The reference to Doane is to Joseph Doane's A Musical Directory of the Year 1794, published in London that year.

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    Hi Beth,

    I have been researching my Burden family Tree for some years and have much information on Jahaziel some of which, has already been sent to you by someone else by the looks of it. However, I have not been able to find any descendents beyond his children so would be very interested to hear how you are directly related to him. Please note that Jemima, who married Robert Edwards, was his sister not daugther.

    At Witham Friary he earnt money as a carpenter and teaching the choir (I have photographs of the church accounts for this work which I would be happy to send you if you are interested). During this period he is also recorded as having taken on 2 apprentice carpenters one of which appears to be the brother of his first wife Ann Dean.
    Like yourself I have lost trace of him after his 2nd marriage. The first time I have picked him up in London is 1785 when he witnessed his brother John Jabez's wedding. In 1787 he has a child by, presumably his third wife Elizabeth, called Rhoda Ann at St Matthews Bethnal Green. Elizabeth must have died shortly afterwards because his son Jahaziel was born in 1790 at At Annes Soho and Jahannon in 1792 and Uriah in 1793 by, presumably his 4th wife, Mary.
    Beyond the mariage that you have heard of I have not been able to trace his son Jahaziel any further. Johannon, who was a brush maker, had at least 4 wives and died in 1843 in Rotherhide without, as far as I can see any children.
    In the records of Johanon's weddings his father is described as a carpenter. However, he and his 2 brothers Jabez (who took on the name John) and Igdaliah (who took on the name William) all sang in London there is mention of them in a couple of newspapers (I have a couple of Times cuttings) & books but they are always referred to as Mr Burden so it is impossible to know which one was singing at which event. They all seemed to move to London in the early 1780's with their sister, Kersenhappuch and brother, Ishmerai (who took the name James) and all lived very interesting lives. As you have heard Jahaziel died in 1822.

    I'm sorry if this all sounds complicated it is easier to explain on a Family tree than in an email! but I hope it helps.

    Best Wishes,

    David Burden

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    Default The singing Burdens

    I have been researching my Burden line for decades but have reached a brick wall with my great grandfather William. He was born in 1840, supposedly in New Jersey, USA. Legend has it he and his brother lived on their father’s ship but were cruelly treated and jumped ship off Chincoteague, Va. William went home to New Jersey, while his brother travelled to Australia. I do not have his brother’s name and despite years of thorough research, I cannot locate documents to support the family legend. Even YDNA tests have yet to reveal any close or distant relatives named Burden. I became intrigued by your post because, my father, grandfather, uncle all possessed lovely singing voices. My cousin, whom I’ve never met, is a well reputed opera performer. See https://www.
    I’m sure this is a coincidence but I couldn’t resist sharing! Thank you kindly.
    Ellen Burden Parker
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