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    Default Tower Cottage Kirkconnell ?

    I have a marriage cert.for Daniel Scott and Mary Lee in 1885, that states that they were married at Tower Cottage Kirkconnell, was there a church there? does it still exist? or was this a mistake? Mary Lee is given as residing at Tower Cottage, any info. appreciated, Regards Del.

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    I googled Kirkconnell uk (Dumphries) then asked directions to Tower cottage. Up came : 7.8 mi,19 mins A710

    Driving directions to Kirkconnell, Dumfries and Galloway, UK

    Tower Cottage
    Carsethorn, Dumfries DG2 8DS, UK

    Clicking on that bought up the little guide who took me along the coast road by some charming cottages. I didn't take the tour. Could your people perhaps have married from the home of either of the young people? Been done before. maybe long trip to nearest kirk, or maybe this was the Church cottage?
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    It was very common for Scots to marry at home or in the Manse (the Ministers house). Scotland had no legal requirement for a marriage to be conducted in a place of worship etc, as in other jurisdictions.


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