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    Default Storr & Barnes - Butchers - Melbourne

    My great grandfather, George Edward Storr, married Jane Platt in Spalding, Lincolnshire in 1863 and they then emigrated to Melbourne, Victoria, where their first child Rosamunde was born in 1864. I have a printed hand bill or flyer (found in the family Bible) advertising the business of Storr & Barnes, Butchers, giving an address of "Next to Greyhound Hotel, Swan Street, Richmond". It isn't dated but as their next child ,Emma, was born in the UK in 1869 it clearly dates from that five-year period. The only other information I have is that the shop they ran was formerly operated by Clarke Brothers.

    Can anyone help me in getting more information about the fate of their business and the premises? Does the Greyhound Hotel still exist in Swan Street? Anything will be gratefully accepted.



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    Trove finds this entry from the small ads in the Melbourne Argus, 9 November 1864:

    'BUTCHER - WANTED, a smart BOY, for orders. Storr and Co., Swan-street, next to the Greyhound.'

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    The Greyhound Hotel gets many mentions in the newspapers. One 1925 report describes it as being on the corner of Swan Street and Cremorne Street. I've had a virtual tour around this junction on Google Streetview: there is a hotel on one corner, now called the Precinct Hotel. On the other corner there's a car rental yard. It is possible that Cremorne Street once extended over the other side of the road, in which case there would be two other possible corners where the Greyhound might have stood. Perhaps old maps or directories might shed more light on this?

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    Thank you very much for this information. I now know whereabouts the hotel was and that it was still there in 1925. Excuse my ignorance but what is 2Trove"?


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    Trove is a brilliant website from the National Library of Australia:


    One of the highlights is its collection of digitised Australian newspapers (1803-1954). The text has often been garbled by optical character recognition, but what's great about this site is that it allows users to see the OCR attempt alongside the original image, and to correct the text . . . so it's getting better all the time!

    P.S. I recommend the 'advanced search'.

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    Sand & McDougall Directory, 1865
    Storr and Barnes, butchers, 54 Swan-st., Rd [Richmond].

    Street directory - this shows the south side of Swan Street, with the cross streets in bold. You can see you relative at 56 Swan St, next to the Greyhound Hotel, and my ancestors must have just moved out of the Dove Hotel at 78 Swan St. They were there for many years.

    Swan-street—South Side.
    2 Kenworthy, C. J,
    4 Wootgate, H. W.
    Vacant allotment
    20 Heyne, Ernest B.
    80 Dunstan, Mrs., dealer
    82 Watson, Alexander
    Vacant allotment
    42 Barnes, —
    44 Scott, Robert
    46 Comport, M.
    48 Fenton, John
    60 Gordon, George, grocer
    52 Greyhound Inn, M'Cormick, D.
    54 Storr and Barnes, butchers
    56 Hurren, J., bootmaker
    58 Greenwood, J. A., grocer
    70 Cochran, Hugh, grocer
    72 and 74 Sharpies, R., confectioner
    76 Hodgson, Henry, hatcher
    Dove Hotel, Edwards, Joseph
    80 Dietrech, Edwin, hairdresser
    Goss, D., butcher
    M'Knight, W. A., chemist
    Melbourne Railway.
    100 Pannifex, M.
    Duke of Richmond Hotel, King, George
    Boswell, Alexander, tailor
    112 Walsh, William
    Frost, George, bootmaker
    114 Dennis, A. G.
    118 Vacant
    120 Bannon, E., cabinetmaker
    Vacant allotments
    130 Graham, G., M.D.
    134 Stephenson, Thomas
    136 Carney, Susan
    138 Toms, William, plumber
    140 Fitzgerald, Richard, timber merchant and
    146 Lawn, Thomas, photographic artist
    148 Smith, C.
    150 Gibson, William, bootmaker
    152 Coulson, William
    158 Lawrence, John, mattress maker, Ac.
    160 Gillam, S., and Son, slaters,
    162 Bennett, William, upholsterer
    Smart, William, dairy
    172 Sambrook, P.
    174 Maline, John
    Hall, John
    192 Jebb, J., grocer
    194 Martin, William H., butcher
    196 Penman, Joseph G., greengrocer
    Brind and Morris, bootmakers
    210 Mayblle, Joseph, fruiterer
    212 Thompson and Son, painters and paperhangers
    218 Marsh, Mrs., draper
    Swan Hotel, Stephens, Elizabeth
    226 Green, W.
    White Horse Hotel, Heaton, John
    Syle, R., straw hat maker
    Kershaw and Co., agents
    234 Wregg, J.
    236 Hill, Mrs.
    238 Eyres, D.;C.
    240 Haughton, Mrs.
    256 Oilman, Francis, tailor
    258 Farmer, H. J., solicitor
    260 Pettett, Samuel
    Stewart, J. S.
    Robins, Mrs.
    Allison, —, dairy
    George, J. A.
    Brade, H.
    Mackay, R.
    Sansom, Henry
    Jones, Mrs,

    In the 1871 Directory there was a saddler next to the Greyhound. I don't have any directories in between, nor any for the few years before 1865.

    I highly recommend that you contact the Richmond and Burnley Historical Society, their webpage is here


    They have an extensive local history collection which may include a photo of the Storr and Barnes business, or at least the Greyhound next door. They have been collecting and indexing all manner of things for many years - court records, local newspapers and so on.

    Best wishes,

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    Thank you Coromandel - I'll have a look at that site and see what else I can find. And a big thank you for your information Lenore - that's great. I feel I'm really making progress now.

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    Very belated thanks for your post of 15.8.2011 re; Storr and Barnes. I've only just seen it... There's no need to tell me … I know I should have seen it!

    Best wishes,



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