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    This is a long shot but I am looking for the birth of Mary Ann ????????? DUKE/HAMILTON/ELLIOT/HUNT.

    Her mother Margaret used the above names on various certificates I have purchased.

    According to the 1871 Scotland Census I have Mary Ann Buchanan nee the above surnames states she was born in Belturbet Cavan 1844-1847!

    I have found on FamilySearch the wedding of Margaret DUKE to Thomas HUNT 1850 in Cavan (both are aged 39 so each would have been married before.

    On her marriage certificate states mother as Margaret ELLIOT

    On her death certifcate states Mother as Margaret DUKE

    If anyone can help me (it would probably be a miracle) I would be extremly grateful.

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    Mary Ann’s birth is well before the start of statutory registration of births in Ireland (1864) so you won’t get a birth certificate for her. You may get her baptism record, if the records have survived. You don’t say what religious denomination she was but the 1850 marriage would indicate protestant. Assuming that was Church of Ireland, and you know she was born in Belturbet, the good news is that Annagh COI parish records start in 1803 for baptisms and burials, and 1801 for marriages. These records are not on-line anywhere but they have been copied on microfilm and are in PRONI, Belfast and the Representative Church body offices in Dublin. Since you are in Australia that’s probably not much help. You can however order a copy of the microfilm into your nearest LDS library for a small fee. You have a fairly simple band of 3 or 4 years to search, the child’s name, the mother’s Christian name and it should not be too difficult to identify her in those records, even if you are not sure which surname will be correct. (Elliott seems the most likely from the information available so far, but I may be wrong).

    Margaret’s marriage (Cavan 1850, Volume 3, page 565) is registered under Duke, otherwise Elliott, indicating as you say, a previous marriage for her. The marriage certificate will tell you the exact denomination of the marriage if you are unsure.

    There was no formal adoption in Ireland until the 1920s so when a woman remarried, any children by the previous marriage often just acquired the surname of the new husband. If there was more than one re-marriage then several surnames may appear in the official records for the children depending on the date.


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