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    Default Arundel/Cockfield

    Anyone researching the Arundel and, Cockfield families from the Dunbar, North Berwick and, Haddington areas.

    Cheers Iain

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    Default Cockfield family


    Some years after you posted it (!), I have just seen your posting asking if anyone is researching the Cockfield and Arundel families.

    I am descended from Margaret Cockfield, daughter of David Cockfield of Haddington and Dunbar, and sister of Catherine Arundel / Arndel. I have a good deal of information about the Cockfields, some of it from my fifth cousin Neil Gill in Australia has done extensive work on the family (you know about this, I imagine: {backslash} bonzaideas/ScotlandCockfields.html), and some more I have found myself. I'm keen to swap notes with you.

    Iain Mackinnon (iain {at}
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