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    Is it possible to identify which church IGI records relate to? I've found an entry for a baptism in Rye in 1881, but I can't find a way of seeing where the baptism took place. Is one to just assume it was the parish church? I'm guessing there is more than one possible church in Rye?


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    If the baptism is an extracted one rather than a member-submitted one, the film number may give you more information about the source of the records. In the IGI on the old-style FamilySearch site, just click on the 'Source Call No.' at the foot of the IGI entry of interest to take you to the relevant bit of the Family History Library Catalog.

    In the new-style FamilySearch the film numbers aren't clickable links. Instead you can do this:
    1. Copy the film number from the entry of interest.
    2. Go to the Family History Library catalogue at
    3. In the drop-down Search menu change from the default 'Place-names' to 'Film numbers'
    4. Paste the film number into the box
    5. Search

    Perhaps someone else who knows their way round the new site better will know of a quicker way to look up film numbers.


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