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    I have been trying to find the parents of one Richard POTER or POTTER and have two IGI references that I don't understand. One states that he was born 'about 1714 ... of Stretton' and the spouse's name is 'unavailable'. (Ref 537960) That leads to 'endowments for the dead, 1877-1970' etc. which does not appear to cover 1714. The other entry is much the same but with a spouse's name of 'Hannah DYER'. (Ref 538214). That leads me to 'sealings for the dead', etc starting at 1965-1970. There is a long list of film notes, none of which seems relevant. Visualising a family tree, I would think that there must be a reference to someone else - a record cannot be simply 'of itself'. How can I find out the connection? How can I make sense of this confusion?

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    Both of these entries have been submitted with no substantiation whatsoever. Therefore, please treat them with extreme caution. They can be used as a starting point, but certainly not as fact.

    The "of Stretton" only shows where this Richard was living at the time of the event. It does not mean that he had been born there.

    Move forward a generation to where you have confirmation of this chap (or one of his descendants) and then gradually work back, obtaining evidence every step of the way.

    Remember: the IGI is an index of ordinances and, used as such, works really well. However, it is not an index of parish registers even though genealogists use it as such. Have a read of this sticky and you will see what I mean.

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    Cool But why?

    Thank you for your reply. I understand the basic premise but fail to grasp why such an entry would be on the IGI unless it connected to .. someone. I undertsand if it is as husband to Hannah DYER but there must be a reference to someone else. His father/mother/son/daughter, or her father/mother for example. Are these entries out on their own?. Divorced from any family tree? Unconnected 'strays'? It makes no sense to me.

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    If you use Family Tree Maker and you choose to upload your tree to the internet site that is provided, it will appear as member submitted on the IGI. Sorry, but I cannot remember what the "internet site" part of FTM is called.

    However, all of the tree will be uploaded - including those tenuous links that people think are related along the periphery of their families.


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